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Can Untreated Cavities Make Your Body Sick

Posted on 11/10/2019 by Emerson Todd Rowley, DMD
Can Untreated Cavities Make Your Body SickMany people do not relate oral health and body health, but the two are connected more than you may think. Ailments that affect your oral health can have serious consequences to your overall body's health and vice versa. One example of this is the relationship between the teeth and the jawbone.

Your teeth's health can determine how your jaw functions, and if your teeth are bad, it may negatively affect your jaw. This is why it is always a good idea to maintain good dental hygiene.

At the early stages a cavity is nothing more than a small indent in the tooth. The indent is caused by bacteria eating away at the surface of your tooth. Cavities are commonly fixed with a simple in and out procedure where dental resin is used to fill in the cavity.

The reason cavities need to be filled is because the cavity makes it harder to brush the affected tooth properly. Toothbrush bristles have a difficult time reaching into the small indent and can leave bacteria behind. If a cavity is not corrected, it can become a much larger issue.

Effects of Cavities on the Body

As mentioned, when cavities go untreated, they can become greater problems in the future. Generally, a cavity will continue growing until the tooth is decayed or tissue underneath the tooth is infected. Once tissue beneath the tooth becomes infected a root canal may be necessary to rid the tooth of bacteria and deter further decay.

During the process of a cavity growing larger, it is possible that some of the bacteria infecting the tooth will make its way to the gums which can cause gum disease. If this happens the bacteria has a chance to enter the bloodstream. Bacteria from your mouth entering your bloodstream can affect your arteries because it can build up and become plaque.

This plaque buildup is the cause for coronary artery disease. Besides coronary artery disease, untreated cavities can create inflammation in the gums which can spread to your airways making it difficult to breath. Come by our office if you would like to know more about cavities or would like to schedule an appointment to get one filled.
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