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Do You Really Need to Brush the Roof of Your Mouth?

Posted on 12/20/2019 by Emerson Todd Rowley, DMD
Do You Really Need to Brush the Roof of Your Mouth?Brushing our teeth is one of the most important dental hygiene practices we have been taught since childhood. Not only does brushing teeth help eliminate food particles left on the teeth, it also helps balance the mouth's pH and give you fresh breath.

However, the process is mainly geared toward the teeth. Although the teeth are a crucial part of the mouth, they aren't the only ones that need to be properly scrubbed when you are cleaning your mouth.

The roof of the mouth is an essential aspect of the dental architecture since it keeps the upper teeth in place as they should and also has openings from saliva glands that bring in the saliva. Therefore, it needs to be cleaned and here is why:

Eliminating Bacteria

Bacteria in the mouth are looking for somewhere where they can reproduce as fast as possible and without interruption. That's why it's very difficult for them to multiply on the teeth or tongue of someone who regularly brush their teeth. If you don't brush the roof of your mouth, you are creating a safe and convenient environment for the bacteria to breed and thrive. By regularly cleaning the roof of your mouth, you make sure that these bacteria don't find somewhere to thrive thus successfully eliminating bad breath and other oral infections.

If you feel like there is a film covering the roof of your mouth, then it's time to get to work because that film is majorly bacteria. This means that first you need to get the proper tools for the job. This means a soft toothbrush, good toothpaste and some mouthwash. Using the soft toothbrush is essential because it will get the job done without causing irritation to the gums, which is a great achievement, especially when brushing the roof of the mouth should be done on a daily basis.
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