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Does pH Balanced Water Benefit Your Oral Health?

Posted on 1/20/2020 by Emerson Todd Rowley, DMD
Does pH Balanced Water Benefit Your Oral Health?If you want to keep your teeth healthy and strong, you already know about the basic activities you should be paying attention to. Brushing at least twice each day, flossing once each day, and getting regular professional cleanings are the bare minimum.

However, there is more that you can, and should, be doing. One thing is drinking plenty of water, and the water should be pH balanced. If you have never considered this matter, here are a few things you need to know about.

What Does Water Do for You?

Water plays a very important part of keeping your oral health strong. For one thing, it helps to rinse away excess levels of the bacteria that are naturally found in your mouth. As a part of their biological processes, these bacteria produce acidic byproducts that damage your teeth. This is the reason for tooth decay. When you drink adequate amounts of water, it helps reduce the levels of bacteria, thereby reducing the levels of their acidic byproducts. So drink up, and your teeth will thank you!

Why Does the pH Even Matter?

Having said this, you need to be aware of some hidden dangers in just grabbing any bottle of water you come across. Some bottled water manufacturers produce water that is actually acidic in nature. The pH level of a liquid ranges from 0 to 14, with 7 being neutral. Anything lower than 7 is acidic, and can actually be contributing to tooth damage and decay by stripping away the hardened protective coating called the enamel.

Of course, this does not mean you should cut back on the water. However, you do need to be careful and pay attention to the pH of the water you are drinking. Do some research and find a brand that suits you, and be sure to drink plenty of it to keep your mouth rinsed out.
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