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Can A Partially Dislodged Tooth Be Saved?

Posted on 2/10/2020 by Emerson Todd Rowley, DMD
Can A Partially Dislodged Tooth Be Saved?Nothing beats the frustration of realizing that your tooth is wiggling in your mouth. This kind of emergency can come from just any kind of injury, from an accident to a sports-related injury. However, most people tend to think that their tooth is already beyond repair.

The last thing you should do in this situation is to try and yank your tooth back into place. Ideally, you will need a professional dentist, like us, to look into your tooth and examine whether your nerves and blood vessels have been impacted. After that, we can determine whether we can indeed save it.

What Are Your Options?
We will first have to examine your tooth. In case the blood vessels and nerves are still intact, we will perform implanting, where your tooth will be placed back into its sockets and supported using some sprints and wires.

If the vessels are detached from the tooth, we can still perform a root canal to try and save the tooth. Ideally, this is meant to prevent the discoloration and infection of your tooth. However, if your tooth is beyond repair, it will be removed. You can opt to install an implant or bridge to maintain the aesthetics of your smile.

Timing Is Everything

Immediately you realize that you have this problem, be sure to rush to us. Timing means everything. If left unattended to for too long, you risk having the tooth and vessels detached, especially if you keep disturbing it using your tongue. You can use an NSAID like Ibuprofen to relieve any discomfort. However, be sure to avoid using aspirin as it might worsen the bleeding.

Dental emergencies happen every single day. However, the time taken before reaching us might save or lead to the loss of your tooth. If you notice any discomfort from a partially dislodged tooth, rush to our offices as soon as possible.
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