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Why Everyone Should Clean Their Tongues Each Day
Posted on 6/8/2020 by Emerson Todd Rowley, DMD
Why Everyone Should Clean Their Tongues Each DayWhen you brush your teeth, you cannot forget your tongue, as this part of the mouth also deserves notice. If you don't scrape your tongue, or clean it with a brush, you can have problems with halitosis. Also, neglecting the tongue can lead to problems with acids – acids that can cause decay and break down the teeth.

How You Should Clean Your Tongue

When you clean your tongue, start at the back and go forward. Scraping or brushing the tongue in this manner will get rid of the bacteria that can cause infection or produce bad breath. Don't just brush your teeth. You also need to include your tongue when you brush and floss. That way, you can make sure you have covered everything thoroughly.

Why Cleaning the Tongue Is Important

When you brush or scrape your tongue, you eliminate the odor-causing germs that lead to bad breath. It also reduces the risk of gum disease. The bacteria that builds up on the tongue not only causes periodontal problems, it can also lead to infections in other areas of the body. That is why cleaning the tongue is essential to both your dental and medical well-being. If you have specific problems with mouth infections, we may recommend that you use baking soda in some cases. Research shows that using baking soda kills the harmful, infectious bacterial that affects oral health. It has been shown to get rid of bacteria that is connected to Streptococcus and Candida. Therefore, cleaning the tongue is a powerful antidote in an oral care routine.
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