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Items We Can Look For on Your Digital Dental X-rays
Posted on 7/23/2020 by Emerson Todd Rowley, DMD
Items We Can Look For on Your Digital Dental X-raysWhen you have problems with your teeth, the first thing you should do is see us as soon as possible. When you come in, we can then do some tests to see what exactly is wrong with the teeth or what might be causing the pain or discomfort you are feeling. Since x-rays can pass through soft tissue, they are highly reliable in showing the state of affairs below the gum line. Here are some of the items we can look for using digital x-rays.

Tooth Decay

We can use x-ray technology to see areas of the tooth that are decaying and determine how far gone the decay is. Using a bitewing x-ray, we can see the visible section of the upper and lower teeth. Additionally, we can also see half of the tooth's root as well as the supporting bone. If there is an issue, we can then tell its extent and come up with a solution.

Unusual Changes in Bone Structure and Tooth Root

By using a periapical x-ray, we can get a complete picture of the tooth down to the root. This way, we can tell precisely where the problem is coming from since the entire tooth is mapped correctly. We can also determine if there are any unusual changes to the underlying bone, such as shrinkage, which would mean some fillings might not work.

Position and Condition of the Teeth

Dentures, implants, braces and other dental procedures need us to have a crystal clear picture of what's going on in the mouth. This is so that we can better prepare and provide the best service. Performing surgery without having a proper picture of the situation on the ground might lead to unexpected results or bring about some complications during the procedure.

Digital x-rays are an invaluable tool for every dentist. Without them, most dentists would be going in blind, which means they might not perform their best work. These x-rays benefit not only our dentist, but also the patient as it can reveal what the naked eye cannot see.
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